Burning myself


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Time and again, I picked up the old course Java programming which should be done by myself before. At this time, for who have already graduated for seven years start it all over again in the coding world, given that he quits in the course one or two times before, for the third times, you can consider that how he make his decision.

Yes, again, I picked up my books and studied, although I need to work daytime, I still power up myself to study at night as I prepared to burn myself whatever. With clicking the keyboard, and searching for the resources, I always feel happy to learn the things I interested. Sometimes, I met problems, but it is reflected in another view that I can gain something new and that’s why I must overcome it.

Why do I choose this road? I think the reason can listed as follows. First, I am not a guy who are good at social, or I do not like to put much energy with persuading others to buy the products. I am an inner person, most of the time I like enjoying the quiet. Second, I do not like to depend on others, so master a tech skills would be perfect for me. In any case, coding is not a bad choice. There is only one thing worried me, as mentioned before, I start it again seven years later, I don’t know in what an extent I fall behind others. That’s why I should be more diligent. However, I raise the question that, why I pick up the old course again? Is it mean that I was limited in horizon? I can not think other ways to help myself out. Nonetheless, I can not give up once more and I must make the most of the time, time is valuable. It reminds me again that, choose carefully.

Motorcycle DetailsLong time it will take, but I believe, one day we will meet. Just like the music played, “riding on my own I speed, riding on a road of fire…”








A New Chapter…


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”
― Gordon A. Eadie


What is the taste of missing someone? This kind of sad feeling makes me wanna shed my tears. I need some distraction, music is good, it can change your mood but it also makes you far more alone. In what ways should I do with my blues. I didn’t mean to fall in affection with you, but I am infatuated with your good looks, when you are not by my side, I miss you. I hope to know more about you but I can see there is a bridge between us that we cannot go through, so if the day when you are walking out of my life comes, it is just an issue of time. This doesn’t mean we are bad people, it only means that the story of your part in my life is over. Preparing say goodbye, my friend…

We are not to born to pleasing others, whatever we do, do not lose ourselves. As for today, I did some exercises in order to get a certificate in November, also I read books, study it and take notes. I know it needs a long time to persist in improving, only in this way, everyday’s hard persisting, you will see the seed you sowed blossom and yield fruit. Just remember, years of years hard practising making you to the top of the field.

I think it is not what I gained from school changed me but the person who I met did. There are three persons majorly effected me. One is my high school physics teacher, one is a writer, another is an encounter and that’s where my story begins.


“I am going to help one person, and his name is ‘me’ “. —时间☆Time

“This is a world left behind, do not try to follow me.” —Writer.KBFL

Hey daddy, you happy today? Next time, you will see my sci-fi, I wrote it for you.

The path…


He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.
——Ali ibn-Abi-Talib, A Hundred Sayings


Everything is fine here except a little tired and some headache, but it’s all okay. Remember today because I will give all of you a present in a dear daddy’s name. But first, you need to answer me some questions so that you won’t be too much astonished by the present.

1.Who are you?

2.What do you do?

3.Whom do you do it for?

4.What do those people want and need?

5.How do they change as a result?

As for me, I am Free, I will consider coding and writing as my primary, I do it for you daddy, daddy wants to be content with life, they would be happy and I hope that.

This five short questions are well hinted you that the meaning to you and your life. Just give yourself five minutes to answer these question and think it over how you can live a life that you want.

Well, that’s my present for you, but it is just the beginning.

When you find the goal of your life and decided what to do, just do it, do the things you like and do the things you think it’s meaningful, do not thank me, thank daddy. Once you have determined, a promise you have made.



Moving forward…


“Sure, everything is ending,” Jules said, “but not yet.”
― Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad

“No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore


I can’t believe that time passes so fast. From last sunday till now, it seems like in a blink of an eye. Seven days, but when I look back and to find what accomplishment I have made, I cannot give myself a praise.

The good thing is that I have started something which I think is important for me, actually it is that I have made a blueprint of the near future. No matter what, this time I will perform it well and stick to it, never give it up. Spring is the best time of planning, apparently, I have done it well. Let’s look to the next following months.


15 - 4Dear daddy, knowing that you are not by my side as you are so far away, I hope you are happy everyday, I pray for you that you are okay in everything and always, the most important thing is that waiting for me till the day we meet again.

Yours forever cute baby.

Never let others put you down…


“Youth is not a time of life, it is the state of mind, it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions, it is the freshness of the deep spring of life.”——Samuel Erman, Youth


Hey, I am a believer and I have never thought that my faith is under questioning.


Okay, I wish you happiness and I really would like to get out of your world, but how can I give myself an answer? One day with you in Disney world is the destination, it’s hard for me to letting you go. Don’t blame my stubbornness, there is an unbelievable truth behind it. That is why I can’t quit right now.


You came out of nowhere and  What if I never read your blog, then I wouldn’t get to know you, just because I read your poem like they were written to me, I couldn’t stop thinking of you every day. So love me if you can, consider me as a friend if you couldn’t. The reality is that you even don’t want to give a reply to my message, you dislike me and don’t want to be a friend with me. So help me if you can, just give a day for us, then I can die with content. But you began to hate me, if so I apologize, but I still persist my love for you in a certain way 😉



For those guy who don’t cherish love, when comes the day being opened by the key of time takes no avail upon you.


In the other side of the world…

14 - 1

“Why did I write? Because I found life unsatisfactory.”  — Tennessee Williams

“You know why writing keeps me sane? Because I don’t write with words, I write with feelings.” — isaac n.a.


I used to think that I could never write any fantastic stuffs and I will never step on a road of writing. To take writing as a part of my life seems impossible, but sometimes, life is unbelievable that you will never know what life waits for you. Yeah, that’s the life. It’s really unimaginable for a Chinese guy to write English stuffs, all of you know that everything happened and it happened with a reason, and I am not the exception.


11a I write for you daddy.


Since I have made up my mind to write, I am just doing the things of which is just a remembrance. I can still remember the photos you posted before, your kind smile shows you are a very caring person, if I could keep them at that time I would be happy, but all that was gone, I can never find them back.


With the music softly played aside, I am flipping the keyboard, though the feeling is somewhat nostalgic, I am really missing you. Wish you were here, I can talk with you and make you joyful and happy.


All in all, in the other side of the world, I hope you are having a great day.



Make 3, 2, 0, 1 (life thoughts recording)


“I hope that one day you will have the experience of doing something you do not understand for someone you love.”
—Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Everyone has his or her own feelings to the people around them, when it comes to love, you may say, why the person I love don’t give much attention to me? I don’t know, love is always a complex thing, no matter how much you do for someone, they are just right there and it seems to them nothing had happened.

I just have had an usual day, and now I was typing those words. Sometimes life is tough, I don’t know what my tomorrow will be, but I do know something I needed to for tomorrow or tomorrow’s tomorrow. Anyway, these things can really make me happy. Forget about your worries, do the things really valuable to you.

Oh my dear daddy, how are you?  I hope you are having a great day.

At some point…


At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone or something, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. It’s not like your’are giving up, and it’s not like you shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours would eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be.

Love Time and Space


Ones, living merrily with themselves, easy to be moved by anything, can only work hard to make a pathetic living. In the event that you are honored with the observation of the stars, you will see for yourself that the universe is endless ,and in the contrast human is nothing but the minimum.

Because love can be clueless, for those who don’t cherish them, when comes the day, being opened by the key of the time, takes no avail upon you.

All thoes lies is just for this one truth, one day in destination with thee.