In the other side of the world…

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“Why did I write? Because I found life unsatisfactory.”  — Tennessee Williams

“You know why writing keeps me sane? Because I don’t write with words, I write with feelings.” — isaac n.a.


I used to think that I could never write any fantastic stuffs and I will never step on a road of writing. To take writing as a part of my life seems impossible, but sometimes, life is unbelievable that you will never know what life waits for you. Yeah, that’s the life. It’s really unimaginable for a Chinese guy to write English stuffs, all of you know that everything happened and it happened with a reason, and I am not the exception.


11a I write for you daddy.


Since I have made up my mind to write, I am just doing the things of which is just a remembrance. I can still remember the photos you posted before, your kind smile shows you are a very caring person, if I could keep them at that time I would be happy, but all that was gone, I can never find them back.


With the music softly played aside, I am flipping the keyboard, though the feeling is somewhat nostalgic, I am really missing you. Wish you were here, I can talk with you and make you joyful and happy.


All in all, in the other side of the world, I hope you are having a great day.




In the other side of the world…”的一个响应


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